You will get an idea of their maximum basic salary range and figures and we will tell you as well about their minimum salary figures. Pakistan is a country formed in 1947 in Asia. Deputy Superintendent of Police (D.S.P) and Assistant Superintendent of Police (A.S.P) are of the same level, the difference is that DSP is promoted from the junior rank and is an experienced Police officer while ASP is a young Police officer who joined the service directly as an officer … The words in praise of our remarkable Army never ends because its service is tremendous and great and are written in history and remembered by all of us. As per details, Nadeem Asif has been made Secretary Esablishment while Aftab Cheema has been appointed Inspector General of Islamabad Police. 19 List of officers not entitled to travelling allowance for journeys on tour (Not printed) 126 20 List of special case in which conveyance hire has been granted (Not printed) 126 21 List of officers of the Pakistan Posts and Telegraphs Departments by whom the possession of private conveyances These salaries are constantly revised by government of Pakistan. To know about salary info of other grade officers, we will provide details about them as well on this page. With over five thousand civil servants and bureaucrats in Pakistan, only a few dozen officers serve in BPS-22 grade at a given time. The Pakistan Administrative Service, or PAS (Urdu: تعمیلاتِ منتظمہِ پاکستان ‎) (previously known as the District Management Group or DMG before 1 June 2012) is the most elite and prestigious cadre of the Civil Service of Pakistan. Rs 69090 is their minimum salary figure and then Rs 132230 is their maximum salary area, then Rs 4510 is their increment amount. You have to understand this formulation that when basic pays are being revised and when they pass through this changing and revision phase, then the amount of their increments and perks are being revised too. The Ranks of Pakistan Army are primarily based on British Army Ranks structure, though ranks for other ranks personnel and insignia differ. Grades for the Field Supervisor, Junior Officers and Non-Gazetted Officers. Sometimes, serving grade 16 employees are called Class 2 officers. Your email address will not be published. In the Foreign Service, 12 officers were promoted to grade 20 and six into grade 21. The mentioned figures are subjected to the changes and revisions. The Non-Commissioned Officers rank insignia are displayed on sleves. Complete Provisional Seniority List of BS-19 officers of Police Service of Pakistan as on 23.05.2019 is enclosed herewith for information of all concerned. joint secretary (bs-20… but this is not necessary for them to be gazetted. From the Police Service of Pakistan (PSP), 21 officers have been promoted to grade 20 and 14 officers to grade 21. Sometimes some department also hire people in grade 17 but they are not gazetted. Means they have to serve as "BS-17 non-gazetted" for few year, and then they are promoted from "BS-17 non-gazetted" to "BS-17 gazetted" copyrighted © 2021 The Express Tribune. Objections, if any, may be communicated with in one month of its receiving. 11: mr. haroon-ur-rafique. Same is the revision which we see in the increment and perk category on the yearly basis. Like when the latest budget copy arrives, then the revisions in the basic salary area of government employees happen. They get trained at the National Police Academy in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. Various Officers of The Civil Service of Pakistan: Riaz Mohammad Khan, Foreign Secretary; Muhammad Saleem Sethi, Finance Secretary AJK Pakistan Steel Mills Officers are still waiting for "ADHOC RELIEF" announced in the budgets 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15 beside staff / workers have granted their charters of demand two times enhancing their emoluments by 150% as compared to 01.06.2008 The Supreme Court of Pakistan. Sources also disclosed that 11 officers of Pakistan Administrative Service including Jalal Sikandar, Shoaib Mir, Maroof Afzal, Rizwan Memo, Jahanzib Khan and Shasita Sohail and four officers of Secretariat group Hashim Popalzai, Asghar Chaudhry and Umar Hamid have been promoted to grade 22. To get more information on 20 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2018, you have to stay in touch with us. 28 Jan, 2019. joint secretary (bs-20) js(ia-iii) 14: mr. muhammad tariq. Let us have some clear discussion on the topic of 20 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2018, Benefits. Required fields are marked *. 21 Grade Officer Salary In Pakistan 2020, Benefits. Below readers can check more and further information about 20 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2018. If some further revision will happen in the salary or incentive area of these 20 grade officers, we will update you. So jump on to the required information. If looking for the rough information about 21 grade officer benefits in Pakistan 2020, then here are some facts for you. Revised Pay Scale 2020 Chart and Increase Salaries in Budget 2020-21. PHOTO: AFP, India’s desperate quest for legitimacy in IIOJK, Asim Azhar dropped from a music show for not being old enough to endorse nicotine, Actors my age are cast as heroes everywhere: Adnan Siddiqui, Grade-20 officers: Promotions not given on basis of intelligence report, says AGP. Anti Narcotics Force Sub Inspector Salary In Pakistan, Benefits, Annual Increment 2020 Pakistan Salary Chart, Junior Auditor Salary In Pakistan Pay Scale, Salary Calculator For Government Employees 2020, MPA Degree Salary In Pakistan 2020, Range, MPA Salary In Pakistan 2020 Punjab, KPK, Sindh Assembly, MNA Salary In Pakistan 2020 National Assembly, MNA MPA Salary In Pakistan 2020 Provincial And National Assemblies, MP 2 Scale Salary Pakistan 2020 Package Management Pay Scale, MP 3 Scale Salary Pakistan 2020 Package Management Pay Scale, 10 per cent increase in salaries for government employees from grade 1 to 16, including armed forces employees, 5 per cent ad hoc relief for government employees from grade 17 to 20, No increase in salaries for civilian government employees from grade 21 to 22, Ministers agree to voluntary 10 per cent cut in salaries. joint secretary (bs-20) js(fsa) 13: syed moazzam ali. ISLAMABAD (Web Desk) – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif today (Wednesday) approved promotion of ten officers of inland services and eight officers of foreign services group to grade 21, Dunya news reported. joint secretary (bs-20) admn/coord. Pakistan Army List of serving generals … Dr Masood Sheikh who is also the chairman of Pakistan Medical Society added that many of the General Cadre Doctors have been promoted to the level of senior registrar and specialist in different specialties, there promotion has resultantly vacated seats of General Cadre Doctors. Here we will talk about this salary information of 20 grade officers. 4 Ghulam Muhammad Memon, 950229 15 Sindh (R) 26-Mar-63 26-Mar-23 13-Jan-88 25-Jul-95 30-Jul-20 Additional AGP-II, AGP Office , Islamabad Islamabad SENIORITY LIST OF BS-22 OFFICERS OF THE PAKISTAN AUDIT AND ACCOUNTS SERVICE AS ON 04.08.2020 Page 1 of 1 Government Servants BPS Pay Scales Salaries: Having its roots in the former Civil Service of Pakistan (CSP), the District Management Group (DMG) despite the recent historic restructuring of power and authority in Pakistan, continues to maintain its niche of being a central and one of the most coveted Administrative service groups of the Civil Service of Pakistan albeit with a slightly changed scope and mandate. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has approved the promotion of 146 officers/officials to a higher grade on a wide scale. The ad hoc relief would be based upon basic pay scales of 2017. He said that this would enhance the number of seats of the grade 19 and 20 officer. To get more information on 20 grade officer salary in Pakistan 2018, you have to stay in touch with us. Apex court told PM only referred summary regarding promotions to CSB. Readers will extract this piece of information too that how much increment will be handed to these 20 grade officers. Required qualification from a recognized institution, relevant work experience and age limit requirement are as following. You have to keep in mind this stat that these revisions are done when budget comes. LIST OF OFFICERS IN THE GRADE OF PERMANENT SECRETARY & ABOVE LIST OF OFFICERS IN THE GRADE OF PERMANENT SECRETARY 01 September 2020 Page 1. 28-12-2020 Mr. Kamran Ali Afzal, a BS-22 Officer of Pakistan Administrative Service has assumed the charge of the post of Secretary, Finance Division Pakistan Rangers, Frontier Corps, Traffic Police, Highway Patrolling Police, Crime Investigation Department, Elite Police, District Police and special branch. Comments are moderated and generally will be posted if they are on-topic and not abusive. This grade scale which is of 20 grade, it is a senior grade and after being appoint on this 20 grade scale, you get chances to be on the BS-21 grade scale and then further promoted to BS-22 grade scale.

list of grade 20 officers pakistan

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