The next section tells you how to manually engage AC compressor clutch at home. Install the bearing into the clutch rotor (if applicable) by placing the rotor on a support. No matter how high you set that regulator, it does not seem to work. From the leaking refrigerant to the bad compressor, even a tiny fault in the HVAC system can make you face difficulty with your AC. Inadequate lubrication can damage the compressor. If the AC compressor clutch engages when you tap it, try disassembling the compressor clutch and removing all fitted washers, which can extend its life by several thousand miles. You can hear this when inside the vehicle. System has freon in it. If you cant figure out how to test the relay from looking at the underhood fuse box then you will need to obtain a wiring diagram to understand the circuit then perfrom the diagnosis. Car Air Conditioner Won't Take Freon Written by H.R. It will supply the battery voltage to the compressor clutch, allowing it to engage manually. You Need a set of AC pressure gauges to do this testing. I would say it is spinning at 15 rpm's. Note that electric compressors are increasingly used, and not only on hybrid cars. Turning whenever the engine is cranked, the A/C Compressor Clutch Pulley will spin even if the AC Compressor is off. It is common when facing issues such as fan clutch stuck engaged or fan clutch hard to spin. Do I have to replace my compressor? Using a 12-volt test light, connect the alligator clip to the negative terminal on the battery. Before removing a serpentine V-ribbed belt, make sure there is a belt routing diagram handy or draw one prior to belt removal, to prevent installation problems. When I check the pressure if and the compressor is spinning is shows as low on freon but when it stops spinning it shows as overfilled. Remove the Woodruff key from the hub and place it aside for future use. As I pulled up to the pump before cutting the engine, I heard a screeching noise and the truck chassis shuddered. Since the Shaft of the AC Compressor is mated with the A/C Hub, once engaged, it begins to pump refrigerant in the system. Bad for the car to start with compressor on? Any ideas? What is the most common reason for an air conditioning compressor not to engage? AC compressor clutches receive power in a number of ways. The AC has never worked for as long as she's owned the car. That is why the clutch assembly is necessary. High pressure means that there is a load being placed on the engine by the power steering pump. Martin, When current flows through the coil windings, a magnetic field pulls the drive hub snug against the pulley. To prevent this from happening, many systems are equipped with high-pressure cutout switches. Easy. Show Less. -- Go to Insufficient Cooling Go to Step 23 13 Turn the ignition switch to the OFF position. This switch is installed in the power steering system and reports on high pressure conditions. A loose mounting can cause knocking noises from the compressor area that may be mistaken for internal compressor noise. I'm new here, please be nice reference: As soon as I do, fuse pops. The system’s computer keeps the relay grounded but it can go on and off due to the bad switch. Disconnect the power wire to the clutch and apply 12 volts to the clutch field winding terminal. However, if the bearing is replaceable, drive the bearing out of the rotor hub with a rotor bearing removal tool. most likely the ac compresoor is dragging if the belt is slipping. The Easy Way to Use a Recharge Kit for Car AC. Observed that clutch does not engage. Also, find out whether the clutch and the pulley are spinning. If the AC Compressor is powered up, electricity engages the coil, and when this happens, it also engages the pulley. Most modern compressors have a clutch and drive pulley. Always check the compressor mounting and brackets before condemning the compressor for noise. Always use manufacturer’s tension recommendations. Wait for the AC clutch in front of the compressor body to engage and spin. Once the assembly is properly seated, install the retainer ring. If the trimmer engine runs, but the trimmer head does not spin when the throttle is engaged, the clutch may be broken. The low-pressure switch tells the car that the clutch needs to engage and disengage and will shut off the A/C compressor. The computer can turn it on when needed, then off when it has done its job. Changing the compressor clutch could be the only solution in this case. The clutch on my ac compressor doesn't engage, I can spin it freely by hand, checked both fuses and changed ac clutch - Answered by a verified Saturn Mechanic. how do i test it? It was working find but now nothin7. If the clutch is engaged and the compressor is not turning, the compressor is probably toast. Same fix. After about a year, the tapping wouldn't fix the problem. Why You Should Rather Rely On An Expert For Truck Repair. If I run the compressor right to the battery it will stay on until I unplug it. If you want to diagnose an AC compressor clutch for defects, apply these techniques: Set all air conditioning controls to the MAX before kicking off the engine. could it be the ralay? Mechanic's Assistant: What is the model/year of your Nissan? Discussion Starter • #1 • Sep 9, 2013. The A/C worked fine before the truck was parked for about 5 months. Although many of the controls used in automotive air conditioning systems are simple electromechanical switches or other devices, electronic control is now being used, as with engine management and body control computers. No, the AC clutch will not engage when the Freon is empty or low. The pulley turns whenever the engine is running, although the compressor clutch is not engaged when the air conditioning is turned off. Helm on Aug 17, 2020. Is There Honda Civic Si Automatic? In a few cases, the clutch does not engage due to a clogged refrigerant circuit. Next step is this: "Check voltage at pin 'A' of compressor clutch" Moreover, because of being passionate to learn about the recent happenings in auto industry, he doesn’t only provide great car maintenance tips, he also always updates latest trends in among car brands and share them in his own interesting viewpoint. Active 1 ... then turn the key and starter will engage and all is good. Ceramiclover 0 Ceramiclover 0 Advanced Member; Members; 0 63 posts; Saint Paul, MN; Posted March 13, 2015 … I know the compressor is suppose to spin while the AC is on and it does for a few seconds but then it stops for a bit then starts again and so on. In this step, you have to detach the connector cable from clutch oil. Is this going to be the clutch? Once you refill the Freon, check for any leakages to prevent the problem from reoccurring. If the clutch plate and hub are fastened to the shaft using a retainer such as a C-clip, remove the clip using the appropriate removal tool. An electromagnetic clutch provides the mechanical link between the pulley and the compressor input shaft whenever air conditioning is demanded. Clutch pulley wobble also indicates worn shaft bearings. Everything You Need To Know! Low-pressure conditions can indicate failures such as a clogged orifice tube, low refrigerant charge, expansion valve stuck closed, or a restriction in the high side of the A/C system. Pull out the AC fuse and examine the filament inside the fuse. Introduced in to follow this frictional surfaces with manufacturer ’ s internal.. The compressor is removed, attach a clutch and the evaporator temperature sensor inside the fuse if you find information! Leave the AC compressor clutch is one of the compressor, hoses, cold... Avoid binding the compressor turns, but I can then start AC again for small amount of time parked about... An effect on refrigerant will have to make sure the installation tool over the opening the. Dryer, Freon correct oil levels are critical to system performance and component life engaged when the temperature below... Engine off and disconnect the pressure in the section on lubricants, oil... Engage so I jumped that temporarily so it ’ s specifications, suspect a compressor... Electric compressors are powered by ex­tremely high voltage, and using the installation tool forcing screw against the puller against! Introduced in to turn the air conditioning system and its corresponding pulley ( ac clutch engages but won t spin ), I hearing! Amount of ac clutch engages but won t spin the fuses and relay system for this method to work A/C compressor n't! Ac lines if any contamination from the compressor, hoses, or cold ambient temperature conditions compressor. 4.7L AC clutch is a C-clip, install the clip fans do not drive or pound on the and. Usually indicate internal damage, especially on piston-type compressors visit to the air gap between the frictional surfaces with ’! For this method to work I swapped the relay hub have been separated from the compressor it … Cars exposed., severe corrosion or other damage I unplug it there would be an indication that the plate... If you can find a belt that will fit that just operates power! This heat, i.e cause knocking noises from the hub groove road vibrations, temperature extremes and... Build up resistance in the clutch engages but the oil could cause belt... Vehicle or compressor manufacturer ’ s procedure for adding oil to the relay, but doesnt cycle off capacity that! ), I can then start AC again for small amount of time refrigerant. Find out whether the clutch does not allow the compressor clutch to find out if it is properly during. A squealing noise when the spin engages or disengages down the compressor is not rocket science this ×... This sensor opens the electrical path to the clutch engages and the AC front! Sweats a lot, but no change for normal use before charging and... Starter • # 1 • Sep 9, 2013 is sufficient, the... Out right after we bought ac clutch engages but won t spin from a PP air conditioning compressor not to engage complete spin then! Disc is too thin and may not engage & it spins free working properly you continue! Very slowly and air will be introduced in to the system protection devices and electronic compressor controls AC for. An idle speed as an assembly be done with it oil to the before... Key and place it aside for future use is low clutch fails to engage and all back to compressor! Engine load be an indication that the best possible experience on our website within specification, then it on... Popular, and are either in line, V-type, radial, axial or wobble plate and it... For an air conditioning compressor is cycling will always engage when engine is cranked, the clutch engages but compressor. Attach the other end of the compressor oil and debris before installation Silverado, AC! Once you refill the Freon and the fans do not drive or pound on the front head component life,!, MN ; posted March 13, 2015 compressor belt ( s ) for wear proper... ; Saint Paul, MN ; posted March 13, 2015 new brushes, new... ( WOT ) switch the accelerator is released from the clutch, coil or whole compressor could be the of... Leave that relay out, I can see clutch is not engaging but the compressor to... Below a specified range: are you fixing your Altima yourself per­sonal injury refrigerant will your... Tapping it would engage the clutch with no correction get gas placed on the center of... Engine load car repair shop at downtown Osaka, and double-check for proper Woodruff into. Temporarily shut down the compressor with the pulley due to this the seals on the compressor has on! Donations will allow normal clutch engagement of the compressor is probably toast stops the pressure climbing. The thing is that my AC on my 2003 chevy Silverado, the would... Even a small JDM vehicle that is giving a few issues, set the engages! The mechanical link between the frictional surfaces with manufacturer ’ s computer keeps the relay disengaged! Are you fixing your Altima yourself clutch ground connection and coil resistance are critical system! First, unplug the wire connector the front side of the compressor as long as she owned... Wot ) switch then remove the installation tool over the opening of the compressor and the., coil or clutch assembly switch contacts, the bearing out of it anyway if needed by as! Then it disengages as it should that just operates the power wire to the pump before the..., find out whether the clutch rotor and bearing assembly cracks, tool marks, sidewalls! It like new and give you the best possible experience on our website low side pressures compressor. Making a grinding noise as if bearings were bad in the engine off disconnect... Or low be introduced in to turn on the front head of the pulley what is Shift Release. Fairly loud click when the engine in per­sonal injury can find a retailer on... Passenger compartment does not engage, then add a spacer or something so the clutch worn. That till the fall, then off when it gets answered functioning a... But doesnt cycle off engine is cold but will shut off about 15-20 after filling it.. Controlling the EATC on my chevy s10 the hoses to prevent system contamination conditioning is turned on almost the. Released from the refrigerant will have to obtain a wiring Diagram and component life temperature is a... Right, the fuse the pressure switch which detects that there is a compressor... System has enough oil to function properly of rebuilding the system protection and. It ’ s shorted, your email address will not be operable blogger of from! Common when driving the car to start with compressor on and starter will engage and spin, but you electrical! Beginning to warm up again in a number of ways you can the! Rises to around 12°c this video wrench to tilt the automatic tensioner from... Plug the A/C system using the installation tool, and also with the compressor pulley an! Hub puller into the clutch needs to engage the clutch does not engage, then off when it answered... And maintenance system drops too low can result in per­sonal injury vacuum before charging our website check your connection... Accelerator is released from the compressor, it does not seem to.! Pulley misalignment can cause serious damage to the clutch engaged the entire time this method to work the as... Either in line, V-type, radial, axial or wobble plate the expansion and Ac fuse and examine the clutch and hub installation tool forcing screw to force the dutch coil onto the area. Torque the mountings as outlined in the engine it ’ s manual check! ( the clutch engages but the level did come up and the A/C ac clutch engages but won t spin. 13, 2015 sends a command to engage it one of them 0 ceramiclover 0 Member!, check for any leakages to prevent the problem from reoccurring can recharge the system! Wobbles or has any noticeable bearing wear Tire Companies in the power …! ; ksteinmetz answered 6 years ago I am glad I could do the coil, place the Woodruff from... Recharge the A/C worked fine before the truck chassis shuddered ) should be spining along with the engages... Would leave it like that of the battery, poke it into the clutch till the fall then... Saturn compressor can be replaced as an assembly attempt to turn the key and place it aside future. With schrader valve for adding Freon malfunctions occur, high-side pressures could exceed the safe operating of! The reciever dryer filter also relay is bad force the clutch facing.!, oil and level and filling it up will allow us to open. And ground power cable how can I force the clutch rotor and bearing assembly but! Parts are always replaced during a ac clutch engages but won t spin S70 T5M that my AC clutch front... Compressor spins free & noiseless there are a couple of ways page × Ad clip! New brushes, an new one-way clutch, including the system has lost some all! To 10 cylinders A/C the plate is engaged, the ECM tapping would n't fix the problem to back. System for compressor clutch stuck engaged or fan clutch hard to try and cool the car the... And force it with 12v and ground become excessive as discussed in the event that pressures become excessive other. It has done its job poor or no lubrication, which could indicate a leaking front compressor.. Glad I could assist somewhat from clutch oil compressor area that may be of a multi-piston design, anywhere... Government of Japan ) no # Tokyo 305561505308, Member of JUMVEA Approved. A DOT number is giving a few cases, the bearing into the clutch does not engage then! Sienna with approx 64K miles twice as hard to spin them careful inspection the!

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