Free Presentations in PowerPoint format Literature. Medieval history can be divided into three stages, in which literature took part.These are: The High Middle Ages: In this period, literature is written in Latin.This is the language that had been used in the territories of the Roman Empire and that remained active in the Middle Ages until it was replaced by the emergence of the Romance and Anglo-Saxon languages. He was Lord Chancellor of England from 1529-1532), scholar and saint. Introduction. THE OLD ENGLISH (ANGLO-SAXON) PERIOD (428-1066) The so-called "Dark Ages" (455 CE -799 CE) occur when Rome falls and barbarian tribes move into Europe. Chaucer, Canterbury Tales, 1387-1400 Almost everyone familiar with Western literature has heard of The Canterbury Tales, and even read one or more of them in school.One of the first major works written in English, Canterbury Tales tells the story of 30 different people from all walks of medieval society who are going on a religious pilgrimage together. An Introduction to the Middle Ages and Geoffrey Chaucer B. History of English literature Old English literature consists of poetry, prose, charms, riddles, maxims, proverbs, and various other wisdom sayings. Characteristics of the Movement Latin was a common language for medieval writings.The literature of that time was composed of secular and religious writings.A notable amount of medieval literature is… Thirty-three distinguished contributors o×er a collaborative account of literature composed or transmitted in England, Wales, Ireland and Scotland between the Norman Conquest and the death of Henry VIII. He trained as a lawyer, entered parliament in 1504. White, and of course, Monty Python! There is often no clear-cut delineation between religious and Medieval History, Culture, And Literature - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation (.ppt), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or view presentation slides online. The term Middle English literature refers to the literature written in the form of the English language known as Middle English, from the late 12th century until the 1470s.During this time the Chancery Standard, a form of London-based English became widespread and the printing press regularized the language. Plot Summary Theseus’s returning from Amazon Discovery of Arcita and Palamon Courtly love to Emily Escape of the two imprisoned knights The encounter of Arcita and Palamon A just duel between the two knights The final destiny of the knights II. After Norman Conquest (1066), Anglo-French became the language of highest social class and Anglo-Saxon (that later developed into Middle English) became the language of lower classes.. English was introduced in law courts in 1362 and used for the first time in parliament in 1363. THE MEDIEVAL PERIOD (455 CE-1485 CE) I. * Medieval Romances: Often have unprovoked and violent fighting! It is a mixture of pagan traditions, thoughts about life, the universe and nature, as well as Christian thought and moral values. In this period the English humanistic literature was mainly of theoretical character, Thomas More (1478 – 1535), was the most outstanding writer of the first stage of English Renaissance. Geoffrey Chaucer Periods of English Literature - 2 The Renaissance Period (1500-1660) Effect: Content: 1. emphasis on the individual 1. MEDIEVAL ENGLISH LITERATURE This is the Þrst full-scale history of medieval English literature for nearly a century. The influence of Medieval romance, with its roots in epic poetry, winds through English literature: through the Renaissance, the Enlightenment, in the literary Romantic movement, and, of course, in modern takes on romance from T.H. World view shifts from religion and after life to one 2. belief that man is basically evil stressing the human life on earth. Definition - Medieval Period Medieval Period literature is a broad subject, encompassing essentially all written works available in Europe and beyond during the Middle Ages. English Literature – The Medieval Period. The Knight’s Tale Daphne Su Maggie Chen Angela Lin Medieval English Literature and Culture 2002 Spring Prof. Cecilia C. H. Liu I. Medieval Literature Presentations at Mr. Donn. Franks, Ostrogoths, Lombards, and Goths settle in the ruins of Europe and the Angles, Saxons, and Jutes migrate to