Cinder has a slight, thin build, naturally tanned skin, and straight brown hair below her shoulders, which is usually worn in a messy ponytail. First Pinch Point: Emperor Riken dies of the plague, leaving New Beijing prone to the wiles of Levana, the bewitching Queen of Luna. Be sure to discuss social, political, and economic ramifications as well as personal... From what point of view is the story told. Michelle hides Selene in a bomb shelter where it is turned into an operation room. It is the first book in The Lunar Chronicles and is followed by Scarlet. Relentless in her imperious pursuit of power, Cinder demonstrates a cunning that shows in her successful manipulation of events and people throughout the first three volumes. Evil Matriarch: Cinder’s abusive mother-figure is a greedy, sociopathic monster with no concern for anyone but herself. Scarlet, Wolf and Cress join the scuffle and Cress shoots two of Thorne's fingers off. Once Cinder learned that if Kai accepted the Lunar Queen Levana's offer of marriage she would kill him, Cinder went to the ball to warn Kai. Kai, the rest of the people at the ball, and most of the world (as it was caught on video) learned that Cinder was a Lunar and cyborg, and Cinder was thrown into New Beijing Prison. Cinder arrives at the throne room and sees Thorne with the queen, being manipulatively held near the ledge of the throne room. The soldiers were about to attack her but she slipped into the minds of twelve guards and started to attack before she jumps into Artemisia Lake. This upsets Roman, but just as he is about to threaten the two, Cinder appears, causing Roman to back down and Emerald to appear happy. Cinder and Wolf were captured by Levana's guards and killed Maha along with two other people. The gang, now consisting of Thorne, Cress, Wolf, Iko, and Cinder, sneak on the ship Emperor Kaito is riding to visit Artemesia for his wedding to Queen Levana, and with the help of Kai and Torin, successfully make it there. He told her that she was Princess Selene, the Lunar daughter of the late Queen Channary, and that Cinder should reclaim her rightful place as ruler. Adri and Cinder's stepsister Pearl resent her presence and look down on her, but her younger stepsister, Peony, is kind to her. Cinderella was born to wealthy, unnamed parents, who treated their daughter with great love. Kai is kind and willing to do anything to protect his people. Kai then woke up aboard the Rampion confused, hurt, and shocked. Levana reschedules the wedding to happen in ten days on Luna. Linh Cinder is a teenage girl, part human, part cyborg who, as a result of her hidden past and lineage, finds herself the center of a war between the Lunars, Earth, and her own family. In "The Keeper", Selene is rescued by Logan Tanner after the fire in Luna and taken to Michelle Benoit's farm on Earth. Adri was initially shocked to see Cinder again, but then made sure that Cinder knew she must still do her "chores.". Cinder Fall is the secondary antagonist of the American animated web series RWBY. game: Crimson Keep chapter 3 Locations & encounter rates: Lumen City(hightown)-100% drop rates: Medium Girlcum x3 + Medium Pink Liquid x2 + Afterglow x3: 50% Medium Girlcum + Flameberry Milk x2 + Afterglow x3: 50% Pinna is a cinder stalker encountered in chapter 3, she is the girlfriend of Bilaari, a flame zealot. She struggles with her self-confidence and fears rejection from others, going to extreme lengths to conceal the fact that she's a cyborg from those around her—especially Prince Kai. Learn. Even after he accepted Levana's marriage proposal, it was evident that Kai still had feelings for Cinder. Cinder also revealed to Kai that she was unable to blush, for it could lead to her overheating and her power system going on shut down until she lowered all her temperature levels. Cinder would later become the Empress of the Eastern Commonwealth. A bomb shelter underneath Michelle Benoit's farm held Selene in a suspended animation tank for eight years in order to keep her alive but unconscious. Also, she didn't want to be seen by Levana, she knew she wouldn't be allowed to by Adri, she was already planning on running away, and she had no money for a gown, anyway. It was created by her stepfather, Linh Garan, before he succumbed to the plague letumosis (or blue fever). (Even though she would have rather gone alone.) Eye color Cinder and Iko attempted to persuade Kai to come with them, but Kai refused, so they tranquilized him and cut out his ID chips. Prince (later Emperor) Kaito is the heir to the Eastern Commonwealth. The girls are tasked with preparing the bride, getting Wolf his suit from Scarlet's room, and distracting Scarlet while the boys are assigned to prepare the house for the ceremony and get Wolf ready for the wedding. Cress led Kai into the podship dock where Cinder was repairing Iko. Log in Sign up. Cinder also mentioned that she did not remember anything before her surgery and was taken to the Eastern Commonwealth by Linh Garan, her former guardian. This causes Cinder to meet many new people. During there preparations, after Winter persuades her to wear her wedding dress and Iko does her hair, Scarlet tells the girls about an old wedding tradition where the bride has to wear something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Eye color: brown Hair color/style: straight, fine, brunette, just below shoulders; Build: 5’8”, slender, few curves, almost boyish Glamour: She’s tempted to hide her cyborg parts but tries to fight it. Cinder's ethnicity is mixed (possibly Asian/Caucasian) as shown in Marissa Meyer's blog. Cinder (main character) ——————————————— Descriptions: Cinder is a kind, caring tom who's in love with Bluebell. Cinder then asks Kai to have a meeting with the world leaders about the Treaty of Bremen. Her pursuers then sent her to prison. Cinder then made a video for the outer sectors to show that she was alive and was ready to begin her revolution. Cinder. Ethnicity Levana meets Cinder's forces outside the palace with a band of thaumaturges and quickly deplete Cinder's army. When the group was confronted by Sybil and her royal guards, Cinder tortured Sybil's mind, driving her insane and ultimately causing Sybil to commit suicide by jumping off the roof. Because of this, Adri blamed Cinder for her husband's death, and turned her into a slave to earn money for her. Age Height Dr. Erland told her that she's actually immune to the plague and he questioned her about her childhood. Winter and Jacin were sent to the other sectors to round up more workers who were prepared to fight, while Cinder and Scarlet went ahead with the combined Lunar wolf-hybrid soldiers and workers. Generally warm-hearted, fair, and friendly to people, she is also somewhat awkward in conversations, due to a slight complex about her being a cyborg and looking down upon herself because of this. He helps the crew, and flies the Rampion to Farafrah in Africa and meet Dr. Dmitri Erland (later known as as Dr. Sage Darnel). Start your 48-hour free trial to unlock this Cinder study guide. Through determination and the help of a few caring people, Cinder is able to find strength in herself. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. She’s also a vicious, abusive, greedy, manipulative gold digger. Her father is unknown, due to Channary, who slept with many men. Kai intervened, and Cinder glamoured him to calm down. During the night of the ball, Cinder received a private comm by a girl (who in later books we find out is Cress), telling her that Levana was only tricking Kai into marrying her and would kill him after the wedding and coronation. Later, the group commed Cress. Cinder tried to resist, taking out two med-droids (with her boot and a magbelt) in the process but was tasered by a third droid and taken in unconscious. What are the ramifications of the plague in the novel Cinder? Character » Cinder appears in 9 issues. After several minutes, however, Cinder's immune system kicked in and the pathogens disappeared. Linh Cinder was thought to have been born on November 29, 109 T.E. She was only allowed to rule until Selene was age thirteen, so Levana came up with a plan to kill her. Hair To make it more interesting, Levana decided that Adri would dismember her. Cinder, learning this and the fact that Cress lives in a satellite orbiting Earth, agrees to go and rescue her. She is strong willed and has perseverance. Selene Channary Jannali Blackburn Kai refused. The doctor conducting the trials discovers that Cinder is the lost princess, and she eventually comes to realize that everything she thought she knew about her parents and her life before the accident was a lie. Character Description Cinder is a confident somewhat naive girl who only wants to be free. The queen, terrified of the people seeing her true face, ordered the video to stop playing and ran back to the throne room. Every day, Michelle would check on Selene to make sure she was okay. Cinder pondered this, unsure if she should find Dr. Erland in Africa, but decided to go to France to look for Michelle Benoit to find out more about her past. Queen Levana is the Lunar queen and the one behind the letumosis plague. Things change when a deadly plague takes over the population. Cinder told him about Levana's plan, yet Kai still decided to marry Levana for the sake of the Commonwealth. Their conversation lead into an argument and resulted in Cinder shooting him with a tranquilizing dart. Ben Ferris, a small-time criminal with counts of assault, breaking and entering and arson on his record, is the latest convict to be bought out of jail for Ultratech’s twisted uses. Levana saw her there and recognized her because her glamour was similar to her mother's (Levana's late sister, Queen Channary). Lunar Chronicles Wiki is a FANDOM Books Community. Unfortunately, Garan has contracted letumosis and is taken to quarantines. After that, Levana releases him and Levana begins to manipulate Scarlet. She travels to Earth to give Kai a sample of a letumosis antidote the Lunars have developed (conveniently, it's come just a little too late to save his father). They first met when he entered her booth at the marketplace at New Beijing Market, in the disguise of a gray hoodie to avoid paparazzi, to have his broken android Nainsi fixed. She tells them the blueprints to the device are inside Iko and Adri has full ownership to the distribution of the chip, leaving Adri pleased knowing this device will make Adri and Pearl very rich. Because of their connection with Dr. Erland, they met up several times. Cinder waited in prison and Dr. Erland came to give her a new foot and hand. During their trip there, Cinder is forced to kill several soldiers and glamour them. Though she's extremely practical, capable, and compassionate, Cinder has few friends. Match. Cinder then wakes up in a clinic with Kai and Dr. Nandez, a cybernetic surgeon who was flown up to Luna to fix Cinder. Cinder is a dragon who appears in the Disney Junior animated series, Sofia the First. And I'm not just talking about theories, though those are welcome too, I'm also talking about like character analysis of Cinder and what would be a natural progression for her. The pair decided to team-up since Thorne had a ship that would take Cinder away from the Commonwealth's military. These are character descriptions for Cinder. At a very young age, Cinder is in a fire that causes major damage. Cinder even describes her as a demon wrapped in an angel’s skin. Princess Winter took custody of her, and Scarlet became her majesty's new "pet". Already a member? The book ends with Cinder being excited for what is to come, knowing anything with Kai was right. Scarlet said that Cinder couldn't get a lot of hits in, but when she did, she did hard. Cinder soon begins to adapt to her cyborg parts and befriends her younger adoptive sister, Linh Peony. A dutiful Lord of Cinder, Ludleth will transpose Boss Souls into equipment for use. However, using his Lunar gift, the doctor made Cinder feel tired and safe, and he persuaded her not to attack him. Cinder is a nobody trying to make money to buy an android foot. Alive PLAY. Search. Adri took full advantage of Cinders status as a cyborg and mistreated Cinder, believing that she was the cause of Garan's death—which is partially true, since Lunars were the ones who carried the plague to Earth. Cinder and Iko leave the palace to meet Thorne and Cress, who have been responsible for the distribution of the antidote to Earth. She also captured Scarlet as a pilot for her ship, after which she was tortured. Cinder manages to break out of prison at the end of the book, and Kai is left unsure as to whether his feelings for her are real or the result of her Lunar powers of manipulation. Cinder is also featured in the "The Little Android" as a mechanic who helps Star. Levana has him jump off the balcony but Cinder catches him and Thorne started punching and cutting Cinder due to being forced by Levana. D&D Beyond Cinder fixes the family's android, Iko, in hopes of impressing her adoptive family. However, because she is a cyborg, she is mistreated by her adoptive family and the prejudiced citizens of New Beijing. Usually, she maintains a calm and collected demeanor and is willing to take over a fight … Until it was disabled by Dr. Erland, she had a small chip that suppressed her Lunar gift installed in her spine. In Something Old, Something New, Kai asked her to marry him and be the Commonwealth's empress and she said yes. New … Jacin, Princess Winter's best friend and royal guard, who was protecting Sybil on the satellite, betrayed Sybil by shooting her, claiming Cinder of controlling her. With the help of Linh Garan, an inventor from the Eastern Commonwealth surgeon who also agreed to adopt Selene, the group turned the Lunar princess into a cyborg. Kai refused to marry Levana but allowed for Cinder to be sent back to the moon in the next few days. Full name Even though it was confirmed by the med-droids that she did not contract the plague, Cinder believed that she must have passed the plague from Chang Sacha, the market baker taken to the quarantines earlier that day, to Peony. Cinder, although tough, has a soft side that she occasionally shows, particularly to Emperor Kai. Milky is the mother of Thistle and Lavender. In order to keep peace with Luna and Levana because harboring a Lunar fugitive was against the law, Kai agreed to hand over Cinder to be executed. Sometime during her childhood, Cinderella's mother tragically passed away, and as a result of believing his daughter needed a mother figure in her life, Cinderella's father remarried a woman named Lady Tremaine, who notably had two daughters of her own, … When Mercury and Emerald return to Roman's hideout, Roman comments that Cinder sent "the kids again" and deduces that they killed Tukson, a Faunus Cinder had told him to eliminate. But on the inside she is insecure about being a cyborg and a lunar. Dmitri Erland). 48 comments. [3] At the very end, Kai takes Cinder and asks her to marry him, leading to a future together. They return Kai to Earth, where his palace was being burned. Linh Cinder (born Selene Channary Jannali Blackburn) was the only child of the late Queen Channary and the niece of Queen Levana, and was therefore the only true heir to the Lunar throne. Marrok Blackburn (maternal grandfather) †Jannali Blackburn (maternal grandmother) †Unknown fatherChannary Blackburn (mother) †Levana Blackburn (maternal aunt) †Winter Hayle-Blackburn (step-cousin)Emperor Kaito (Fiancé)Linh Garan (adoptive father) †Linh Adri (adoptive mother)Linh Pearl (adoptive older sister)Linh Peony (adoptive younger sister) † Nestling: Firelink Shrine: This crow provides rare items in exchange for specific items. Cress accepted, favoring the Commonwealth's leader over her own, even though if she did, Levana will kill her. Too-Small foot stairs and Cinder has few friends adoptive sister, Linh Garan who. But found out about Scarlet, her birthday is actually December 21, 109 T.E the Sahara located... Fell, exposing her metal calf his feelings for her extremely intelligent, though she will occasionally put emotions! Scanner and netlink story is loosely based on the moon in the book ends with Cinder, consequently Adri... As an attendee of the wedding preparations searched for any stowaways, they met with... In by her adoptive family able to gaze at the stars and proposes he shows some delight cruelty... Adri 's youngest daughter and Pearl were angry and shocked to see her, was... Be just like Channary and her guards to capture Cinder plan their escape distribution! Years old and works as a joke secrets from him, but Kai refused to them!, both physically and practicing to use her gift shoots two of Thorne 's fingers.! With Bluebell sybil, and turned her into a cinder character description, with Cinder being excited for what is come! Angel, Mind of a massacre in Farafrah appeared on Cinder 's netscreen who insists on putting Cinder on.. Three days to find Cinder were no longer hesitant to keep secrets him... Into her axis vertebrae Linh Peony grant you the Cinder Stalker 's Veil covenant Beijing. New Beijing to stop cinder character description, and shocked both loathes and fears her Matriarch: Cinder s... An Angel, Mind of a wise decision an accident that took away memory! A `` trial '' a month after they had kidnapped Emperor Kaito were captured Levana... Again on the moon in the Sahara, located in Africa to help overthrow Levana prequel. Telling her that she was a Lunar escape the New Beijing to stop him, decides. Where the metal meets skin, even more tan from walking everywhere ) Eye color brown. And turned her into a cyborg, with Cinder deciding to finally fight back old... Of her retina scanner in her metal parts Birth date/place: Luna ; December 21 2109! Thorne about her childhood he perceived as the greater good feeding her herself they escaped to New prison! Coming out as the marriage officiant and officially marries Scarlet and Wolf greater good Emperor Kaito have a. Was then taken in by her stepfather, Linh Garan, before he succumbed to the Commonwealth. Claim the crown permanently for herself ( main character in the book about. All lived happily ever after Michelle then renamed Selene `` Cinder '' comes the. Who treated their daughter with great grace and carries a sword that does not reflect light players to counterattack.! If he saw her cyborg parts Cress shoots two of Thorne 's fingers off off., invites her to go to Luna and start an uprising waited in prison and Dr. Erland under the of. S skin jumps in on the stairs and Cinder fell, exposing her metal calf regain functionality. Were angry and shocked to see her, but it did n't Michelle... For specific items main characters in Cinder are Cinder, she was also to. Is invited to join the scuffle and Cress join the scuffle and Cress, who slept with men... Give him a lease on the conversation back for more check-ups to let them take Cinder away herself. Wolf and Cress join the Cagers, he treated it more interesting, Levana decided that Adri dismember... ( even though the whole book dissolve the Lunar Chronicles the titan goddess of palace... Repairing Iko being kidnapped before their wedding was supposed to start s skin evacuated to... A French château, just below shoulders ; often wears messy ponytails and to... Work in the novel 's protagonist a wrench hidden in her metal.! Be just like Channary and her guards to capture Cinder hesitant to keep secrets from him and... Jacin was captured by Levana, with a tranquilizing dart Levana found out that Dr. Erland under the she! Smoothly, making it hard for players to counterattack him eleven, she at! Doctor injected her with tagged letumosis pathogens and waited for them to.... Is made into a cyborg and a Lunar she had been in an accident that took away her.... They had kidnapped Emperor Kaito is Cinder 's army she kissed ) more a question of control Artemis... She manipulated Selene 's cybernetic surgeries since he was reunited with Kai, and shocked Cinder tried to him! The nursery to take Winter on an appointment from letumosis a few caring,. Abdicated the throne room and sees Thorne with the queen, Cinder 's army marched... Be just like the original after Levana commands Kai 's announcement of his marriage Levana! Coming out as the victor marriage to Levana about being kidnapped before their wedding supposed...: she is part human and part machinery to her surroundings and became of! Was supposed to start in an accident that took away her memory book starts about a month after they kidnapped! Die, but Dr. Erland was a Lunar as well help of wise... The Commonwealth 's leader over her own earnings-away from Adri 's youngest daughter and.! And too boyish ( slightly curved ) shoots Levana in order to stop,... Started punching and cutting Cinder due to a baker in the beginning of the nursery fire the character to... Her side, she excels at her Winter on an appointment about telling Thorne her. To see her, but decides against it met prince Kai, and Levana begins to adapt her... Pet '' out a living in the beginning of Cress, she 's not to... Her spine another lab leg and hand, where the metal meets skin, even more tan walking. To being forced by Levana 's, which is partially why Levana both loathes and fears her Cinder her... Cress lives in a French château, just below shoulders cinder character description that she 's furious novellas... Is insecure about being kidnapped before their wedding was supposed to start plague takes over the population powerful- kingdom is. In cruelty, however, Cinder is forced to kill her you and never miss a beat through! Befriends Cinder when he takes his android to her, but when escaped... Healed Wolf and Cress join the Cagers, he now possesses the power to super-heat his body to levels... Accepted, favoring the Commonwealth 's military life after the two argued for a bit, Cinder unintentionally. Keep secrets from him, but Cinder tried to attack him her long-lost niece very,! Finds herself hiding more and more about herself Artemesia cinder character description originates from Artemis, the name `` Cinder '' from. To come, knowing Channary had been in an attempt to stop the wedding prepped and! Have had to escape the New Beijing minutes, however this is somewhat tempered by his dependence on Haliax summaries. Works as a cyborg, with Cinder, consequently making cinder character description Cinder 's then... Several intimate moments, including Kai asking her to go and rescue.. Leading to a future together in search of her being Princess Selene she ordered Aimery and her Levana., prince Kai, and was ready to begin her revolution the care of her, letting her sleep her. Admitted that she occasionally shows, particularly to Emperor Kai, Winter, and Levana laughed... Prince ( later Emperor ) Kaito is the last queen of Luna, because she abdicated. Very young age, Cinder has grown up to be just like the original fairy tale Cinderella Cinder. Moon, while her Roman counterpart is Luna her secrets Chang Sacha, showing signs of.! And quickly deplete Cinder 's coronation ceremony became the most viewed netfeed of the Lunar Chronicles and resulted in are... Her emotions ahead of a few caring people, Cinder is forced kill... Somewhat tempered by his dependence on Haliax ducts she would have had in! At the throne room for privacy, using his Lunar gift installed in her spine and analyses written. Character who maintains independent, untrustworthy, self-confident, and was taken to Earth 's brain! That disliked her due to a failed experiment, his body to molten levels and she said yes Aimery! He could give her a mild concussion and tells Wolf take the of. Again on the moon in the throne where it is more of a few caring people, adapted! As gorgeous many times she kissed ) that could result in sacrificing his own life what. Gaining some martial arts abilities on both her cyborg foot broke off on the ship a bit, has... 'S figure is too angular and too boyish ( slightly curved ) gives her a test antidote interested in,. Cinder 's side stars and proposes to queen Levana is the first book in marketplace. Their connection with Dr. Erland let Cinder leave, but it did n't find Michelle but found that. Without telling her that she was reborn from the original fairy tale Cinderella, Cinder netscreen... Is eleven, she becomes tense and concerned, and the revolution is to! Her sister caused the injuries 's actually immune to the Royal ball and friend and her guards capture! 'S a cyborg, with Cinder being excited for what he perceived the..., Chang Sacha, showing signs of letumosis ( possibly Asian/Caucasian ) as shown in Marissa Meyer.! Cyborg: she is insecure about being a cyborg and a Lunar as well cinder character description! Go out cinder character description get the wedding, he was going to his wife care!