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The Quran is the Word of Allah, revealed to the Prophet Muhammad, for the benefit of the Human Being. left:0px; A resource for anyone looking to understand the Sacred Text of Islam; the world's leading online source of Quran translation and commentary. 87 - The Most High (Al-A`alaa) 88 - The Overwhelming (Al-Ghaasheyah) 65 - Divorce (Al-Talaaq) 66 - Prohibition (Al-Tahreem) 2. 53 - The Stars (Al-Najm) 54 - The Moon (Al-Qamar) “{{{ data.title }}}” I can't read Arabic and to learn will take me a while but with this colour coded transliteration, i am reciting like a pro (not really but definitely much better, faster and more accurate than before). 1 - The Key (Al-Fãtehah) 2 - The Heifer (Al-Baqarah) The 1946 A. Yusuf Ali Quran Translation in English with Arabic Text. Note: The page below searches the previous, year 2002, edition. Parallel text, clear MP3, intelligent search, bookmarks, night mode, scalable fonts. (default - whole chapter), Khalifa * I seek refuge in God, from Satan the rejected (Quran 16:98). Lisiten to Quran Recitation and Translation online in Arabic, Engligh, and Urdu If you are having trouble playing Classic Quran Portal or flash plugin is not supported in your browser then visit Modern Quran … Sher Ali The Quran App is complete Quran in beautiful Arabic Font. 67 - Kingship (Al-Mulk) 68 - The Pen (Al-Qalam) Synonym Search: so you don't have to know the exact words used in the translations. Revised 2010 Edition of the English Translation of the Holy Quran. For non-native Arabic readers it can be difficult to read the Quran. Published in India. Read and Search the Quran and Hadith. Published online by It', 2020. In the name of God, the Gracious, the Merciful. Explore, read and search publications in many languages. top:0px; Browse to Sahi Bukhari, Muslim, Abu Daoud and other Hadith & Islamic books in Urdu, English and Arabic. position:fixed; if (year<1900) year+=1900; ( data.index + '. ' Web application word for word, Quran teacher/reciter, Reading and tajweed helper tool, and quran translation in English 5 - The Feast (Al-Mã´edah) 6 - Livestock (Al-An`ãm) Pickthall 57 - Iron (Al-Hadeed) 58 - The Debate (Al-Mujaadalah) They thrust their fingers in their ears to keep out the stunning thunder-clap for fear of death. Search the Quran phonetically like never before, with your own spelling of Arabic! {{ data.index ? Quran Transliteration 1.We like to emphasize that this text is not a substitute for the original Arabic Holy Quran. display:none; /* it sets to block or none by ( hacked ) template-includes/sidebar-menu/sidenav.php */ 25 - The Statute Book (Al-Furqãn) 26 - The Poets (Al-Shu`arã´) To help with the pronunciation of the Quran we’ve provided English transliteration to help with proper recitation. Please check this link Qur'an transliteration, for all Souar of the Qur'an with Arabic and Roman characters, with translation. The Quran search shows at most 50 results per page. 79 - The Snatchers (Al-Naaze`aat) 80 - He Frowned (`Abasa) 2. Irfan ul Quran (2009) is a translation by the Pakistani scholar Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri. is a Sadaqah Jariyah. FREE to read & search Holy Quran Translation!
Praise be to God, Lord of the Worlds. It is only an attempt to help those who are trying to learn to read the Arabic text, since it is as close to the written text as possible. 111 - Thorns (Al-Masad) 112 - Absoluteness (Al-Ikhlaas) 45 - Kneeling (Al-Jãtheyah) 46 - The Dunes (Al-Ahqãf) 13 - The Thunder (Al-Ra`ad) 14 - Abraham (Ibrahîm) 93 - The Forenoon (Al-Duhaa) 94 - Cooling the Temper (Al-Sharrhh) 73 - Cloaked (Al-Muzzammil) 74 - The Hidden secret (Al-Muddath-thir) <# } else { #> 4. Read listen search online. 107 - Charity (Al-Maa`oon) 108 - Bounty (Al-Kawthar) 51 - Drivers of the Winds (Al-Dhãreyãt) 52 - Mount Sinai (Al-Toor) 109 - The Disbelievers (Al-Kaaferoon) 110 - Triumph (Al-Naasr) <# } #> 3. for View Progress View Progress. var year=new Date(); Target Completion Date : 12/25/2014 Set a target date and track your progress. Dua Khatam e Quran View Progress Please Wait! You can search by root in Arabic (زوج) or by using Buckwalter transliteration (zwj). 49 - The Walls (Al-Hujurãt) 50 - Q (Qãf) Shakir (EIN: 95-4348674). It is important to practice pronouncing the letters as Welcome to one of the most comprehensive Quran Search engines IslamiCity: Quran Search - Search the quran with your own words, your spellings, your grammar. “Quran App - Read, Listen, Search, Corpus” is one of a kind app which provides Holy Quran (القران) readers the choices to read and listen recitation as well as complete Grammar to analyze the words for better understanding by going in to its depth. is a Sadaqah Jariyah. Quran With English Transliteration Free free download - TubeMate 3, System Mechanic Free, Quran with Tafseer, and many more programs Like us on Facebook. Alternatively you may wish to: Browse Mutliple Quran Translations / Read Quran Please enter the phrase or keywords to find in Quran Project: Holy Qur'an Advance Search - Roots, Stems, Phonetics; Translations: Urdu, English, French, German, Spanish along with Urdu Tafseer Saghir or Short Commentary
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z-index:1000000; //--> In the name of GOD, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 99 - The Quake (Al-Zalzalah) 100 - The Gallopers (Al-`Aadeyaat)