Unlike most cameras, there are actually two native sensitivity ratings in the GH5S, a feature the company refers to as Dual Native ISO. The two "High" ISO settings of 102,400 and 204,800 are pretty noisy, muddy and overall not great. However, the GH5S offers a wider ISO range and a lighter body weight. Not only is it the cheapest, but you also get the full version of DaVinci Resolve. Originally we claimed the GH5S performed better at high ISOs than did the A7S II, but that was based on incorrectly comparing resampled still images from the A7S II with 4K video frame grabs from the GH5S. The Sony A7S series has always been considered the leader in low light at very high ISOs. Likewise, the A7S II's full-frame sensor leads it to do much better shooting high-ISO still images as well, although the GH5S does deliver surprisingly good images for a Micro Four Thirds camera. That said, that's incredibly impressive. But that's for stills; you can expect the GH5S to prove much more satisfying when it comes to video autofocus. Not only is the ISO range extended from ISO 200 – 12,800 on the Panasonic GH5 to ISO 80 – 204,800, it’s able to do it with two different native ISOs, allowing for cleaner files.” Time to capture, after half-pressing and holding shutter button. (Note that for videos, the aspect ratio options are instead 4:3, 16:9 or 17:9.). As we said earlier, there's certainly a lot to talk about on the video front. There are also V-LogL and Rec.709 lookup tables in-camera without any payware software keys required to unlock their use, plus the ability to upload four more LUTs of your own in Panasonic's .VLT format. Up to a 2.5x slow-motion effect is possible for 4K or Cinema 4K footage, and up to a 10x slow-motion effect for Full HD content. Now, Panasonic has decided to create something dedicated entirely to its cine-minded audience: the GH5S. Time per shot, averaged over buffer length of 120 frames, then slows to an average of 0.16s or 6.2 fps with a lot of variation. In terms of their basic hardware, both the 3.2-inch, 3:2-aspect, 1,620k-dot LCD monitor and 3,680k-dot, 100% coverage OLED viewfinder are essentially unchanged, although the latter can now operate with a 120 fps refresh rate as in the G9, rather than being limited to 60 fps refresh as in the GH5. That's because in most cameras, video capture feels like something of an afterthought, even today. However, when it comes to video, the GH5S produces fantastic video quality, especially as you climb into the higher ISOs. You may have noticed that I didn't list a specific sensor resolution just now, incidentally, and simply averred that it was above the ten megapixel mark. This has, so far, been a good decision. I said that the GH5S is one of the best video cameras ever made, and I of course will catch flack for such a statement. Fortunately, all the statements I made about the stills quality transfers over to its 4K specs. Create a B&H Account, America's Best Customer Service List-Newsweek, Prices, specifications, and images are subject to change without notice. Though from a pure image-making perspective it's superior to the GH5, losing IBIS removes part of what makes the GH5 such an excellent camera. In most other respects, the Panasonic GH5S looks a whole lot like the GH5 which preceded it. As you can see in the tests, the results at high ISOs are close. The reason is that the Depth-from-Defocus based 225-point autofocus system's algorithms have less data to work with from the lower-resolution 10.2-megapixel sensor. At least in those scenes it appears the overall video quality of the S is comparable to the GH5. In low light, the autofocus in Live View took 0.12 seconds, for a total shooting time of 0.19 seconds. The noise has been dramatically reduced, and overall the footage is significantly more usable. Overall, between the Pocket 4K and the GH5 I prefer the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K (Amazon, B&H) for two important reasons: Better colors across ISOs; Cleaner image overall; However, dynamic range is similar. If you already know the GH5, you might as well skip past this section, as the GH5S looks and feels more or less identical to the GH5. Unleash its full capability by combining it with the Atomos Ninja Inferno 4K monitor / recorder - recording up to DCI 4Kp60 10-bit 4:2:2 over HDMI 2.0 directly into production-ready Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHR on SSD drives. Side by side with the GH5, it's better in nearly every way. Hands-on Preview posted: 01/08/2018 06/21/2019: Review Conclusion posted. That mea… Though the GH5S performs extremely well and even hangs with the A7S II up until ISO 6400, the Sony begins to pull away after that. The GH5 was, and is, a fantastic camera for video, but the Panasonic GH5S goes above and beyond. (The GH5S actually managed even deeper raw buffers in our lab testing. Time per shot, averaged over buffer length of 101 frames, then slows to an average of about 0.14s or 7.0 fps with a lot of variation. Shooting DCI 4K video at both of the dual native ISOs (saved direct to card) produced very clean footage, delivering extremely impressive results even above ISO 2500. Unique 12MP Four Thirds sensor improves video quality, especially at higher ISOs, 14-bit RAW support (12-bit still available), High-speed 4K Photo mode captures images at 60fps, Dual UHS-II card slots with hot-swap support, OLED EVF refresh rate bumped up to 120fps, Full sensor-width video capture even at 4K, Weather-sealed and freeze-proof to 14°F/-10°C, Optional hot-shoe-mounted XLR microphone adapter, Good battery life, with slightly increased battery life over GH5, Time code in/out via the PC sync terminal (BNC adapter included), 10MP resolution limiting by modern standards for still images; limits print size, Lower sensor res prevents support for 6K Photo features, Expensive, though a very good value compared to pro-level, dedicated video cameras, Can't record two different video formats simultaneously to each SD card. So while it is less saturated, that's not the whole reason why the A7S II look better here. There's a reason for that divergence from our usual detail-oriented content: The Panasonic GH5S is rare in that it offers a true multi-aspect ratio capability, and so the very notion of a single, overall "sensor resolution" gets turned on its head somewhat. This GH5S is of course better for higher ISOs. The GH5S is one such camera. But where you will see current GH5 owners draw the line is losing the in-body stabilization. Last updated: 06/21/2019, Table of Contents: This makes it unlike most cameras, where one specific sensitivity offers the best signal to noise ratio since the signal needn't be amplified before A/D conversion, and noise levels climb or dynamic range is curtailed as you raise or lower the sensitivity from its native point. This is useful, considering the GH5S is one of few mirrorless cameras that does away with the 29 minutes 59 second recording limit. For compositions that require shooting in low-light conditions, Panasonic has also added its Dual Native ISO Technology to the GH5S to reduce noise in the image. The GH5, on the other hand, does have IBIS, which works really well, making handheld video shooting very easy. Wired connectivity includes a USB-C port compatible with SuperSpeed USB 3.1 Gen1, a Type-A HDMI port, 3.5mm microphone / line level input and headphone jacks, and a 2.5mm remote jack. Battery life has increased by 30 frames to some 440 frames with the LCD, but only by 10 frames to 410 shots the EVF, to CIPA testing standards when using the same H-FS12060 lens. This scene was lit by three sources: a table light (which was the brightest), a small wall sconce just off camera left, and a very dim chandelier in the rear of the scene. By contrast, the GH5S never uses its entire sensor area, regardless of the aspect ratio you choose. V-LogL is well known at this point and I’ve always been pleased with how it grades. It also plays a part in heat dissipation, an issue we have seen on ultra-compact cameras. Overall, the GH5S is a brilliant evolutionary step in the GH line. It's straight up cheap. Panasonic Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2 at f/1.2; 1/100 second; ISO 4000. As mentioned, the primary changes to the GH5S compared to the standard GH5 is the imaging pipeline. Reviewing the footage revealed that its improvements to low-light performance are not understated. I’m sure some of you are accustomed to it by now, but I felt that it was a bit complicated to figure out how to get certain settings properly engaged. Because this goes out to the edges of the image circle, having stabilization could lead to vignetting issues. Posted by 2 years ago. Getting the main gripe out of the way, we should talk about the lack of in-body image stabilization. This is the feature that tells everyone exactly who this camera is targeting—filmmakers, if you still didn’t catch it. There is no perfect capture device. Plus, Full HD (1920x1080) can be captured at up to 240p. Though an ARRI Alexa and a RED Epic are both among the best choices for high-end filmmaking, they aren't the best choice for anything other than that. Like. Many have considered the GH series to be relatively large, considering its sensor size and mirrorless design. The more video-centric (but still very stills-capable) Lumix GH5S shares almost exactly the same body with its earlier sibling, differing only in the addition of a red 'S' beneath the GH5 logo, a small red trim ring in place of the bottom row of knurling on the drive mode dial, and a bold red color for the video record button. First found in the GH5, the GH5S just makes it all better. So, not only is the A7S II able to be used at one more stop of ISO, it also looks better than the GH5 at every level past 6400. Each photodiode has grown in size by around 1.96 times, and according to Panasonic that change translates to a 1.5-stop (9.7dB) improvement in the signal-to-noise ratio. The result is the GH5S is 2.38x (7.5db) more sensitive than its GH5 counterpart. And secondly, the IS system moving could potentially disturb your framing, something that we understand could occasionally be triggered by environmental noise. Honestly, video from the GH5 actually looks better than the 1DX II, but the GH5S is on a whole other level. Unlike the GH5, the GH5s has a low … But that's not to say that this is just a camera for the video crowd. And for the audio component of your videos, there are both 3.5mm headphone and microphone jacks as well as an onboard stereo mic with a third, hidden noise cancellation mic. How does it stack up in that regard? This means that the GH5s sensor has 2 sets of ISO circuitry, each optimized for a different range of ISO. 1. One other key difference of the GH5S' autofocus system, as compared to that of the GH5, is its low-light sensitivity. Startup and mode switching are reasonably fast, while autofocus speeds and shutter lag are pretty quick. The GH5S also has a 4K burst mode which captures 8-megapixel frames at 60 frames per second with no apparent limit other than card capacity. In real-world shooting, however, the AF experience is not drastically different from the GH5. Oh, and if you like to keep close tabs on your autofocus or even fine-tune focus manually, you'll also be happy to see both a 20x manual focus assist mode and an AF point-scope function present and accounted for. It's the camera to get out when you really need to push the limits of current sensor tech. In this extremely dark environment, the shadows look especially noisy. Crafted from magnesium alloy, the GH5S' body is still sealed against dust, moisture and cold, allowing it to withstand minor splashes, dusty environments and use in temperatures as low as 14°F (-10°C). It's really quite excellent. Throughout the history of Panasonic's Micro Four Thirds Lumix cameras, they all have, by and large, been photography-centric cameras. Buffer capacity is essentially unlimited when shooting JPEGs (600+ frames), while RAW buffer depth is very generous (though not unlimited). 06/14/2018: Performance posted Editor's note: This section has been updated to reflect new footage captured with the A7S II. Every digital camera has a native ISO. Additionally, Panasonic removed in-body image stabilization in the GH5S, meaning if you want stabilization you'll have to rely on the lens. Ordinarily, at this point in one of our overviews, we'd give you a rundown of the camera's performance, autofocus and exposure capabilities, and maybe some special features, then circle back for video capture towards the end of the article. You have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought after Oct 19, 2020. We close every Friday evening to Saturday evening for Shabbos. For autofocus performance, I will say the GH5S is not at the top of its class. But at just 12 megapixels, it’s a big sacrifice in resolution to get there especially in the 8K age. The result is a digital imager that can "faithfully reproduce even the dark parts of the image," with a new ISO range of 80 through 204,800. (180K PDF document)). Working with the footage was quite easy. But the GH5S lacks in-body stabilization of any kind, instead relying solely on your lenses to provide image stabilization. (The GH5 was ISO 200 at base and ISO 100-expandable.). Plus, the GH5S includes V-Log, for much better control over dynamic range and color grading in post processing -- this is included by default on the GH5S, whereas V-Log is a paid upgrade option on the GH5. Time per shot, averaged over buffer length of 99 frames, then slows to an average of about 0.25s or 4.1 fps with a lot of variation. The GH5S does however have a Power Save LVF mode which can increase battery life to a whopping 1,300 shots when using the EVF. If only that tech could trickle down to a less premium camera model. In this, the second field test of this camera, I want to show you what can be done in near darkness as well as how beautiful footage looks in ideal lighting. This is one of the best video cameras you can buy today, and basically the best video camera at or under $2,500 (the closest competitor camera is the original GH5, and again it depends on what you value more: ISO or IBIS). You can see a great benefit in stills across the board, making it a little unfortunate that we lose some of that resolution. The GH5S continues the trend, but in doing so makes sure to include all the essential controls, buttons, and dials right on the body. What is rare, however, is talking about one with reverence. The GH5S is the first camera in its class capable of recording Cinema 4K (4096x2160) in 60p. I'm very impressed with the performance at 25,600 considering it's two stops more than I can achieve with either the 1DX II or the GH5. Should I buy a C300, or four GH5S's? What's even more impressive is how the GH5S compares to a full-frame camera like the 1DX Mark II. With respect. I’ve never seen footage this clear, sharp and natural-looking from a camera as small and affordable as the Panasonic GH5S. It looks as clean as a shot I would expect at something like 400 or 800 ISO; it's that good. It’s sharp, clean, and impressive. It offers better video quality, more shooting options, and more advanced video-specific features; it's a tailor-made camera for experienced and professional-level videographers. Being able to feel comfortable up to ISO 25,600 in some cases basically makes it so I can shoot in any situation I have ever found myself. Output from its sensor is handled by a powerful Venus Engine 10 image processor, and the GH5S is capable of a swift 12 frames per second with single AF or 8 fps with continuous AF when shooting 12-bit raw files. But the GH5S doesn't stop there. Instead, the camera simply crops to your chosen aspect ratio within the image circle, and discards the rest of the sensor data. The GH5 was already great in that regard, but the GH5S goes above and beyond with its larger pixels and dual gain ("Dual Native ISO") design. You can see above that at 4Kp60, both clips are very clean and look quite good. Panasonic has unveiled the LUMIX GH5S, a new addition to the G Series lineup with exceptional low-light performance for the professional videographer.The GH5S will be available in Australia in February 2018. Even at relatively low ISOs – such as the second native ISO of 2500 on the GH5S (the other one is 400) – the clarity of the image compared to … You can record 4K and Full HD video without clip length limits, including true Cinema 4K or anamorphic content. I personally have been waiting for the day that this would start happening at a point where anyone who wanted to, could take advantage of it. Power comes from a 7.2-volt, 1,860mAh, 14Wh DMW-BLF19 lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack, just as in the GH5. And the EVF still has 1.52x magnification (0.76x in 35mm-equivalent) with a 21mm eyepoint from the eyepiece, and a -4 to +3 diopter adjustment. Archived. First found in the GH5, the GH5S just makes it all better. Clearly that's not the case. A sensor significantly smaller than the full-frame A7S II is beating that camera in low-light performance. And with the flip-out touchscreen in the back, it is so easy to get things done. For much more information on the handling and design, please see our Panasonic GH5 Conclusion. That's not to say the GH5S is bad. Next in the comparison is the Panasonic GH5S vs. the EVA1. I'm still trying to wrap my head around the technology that Panasonic packed into the GH5S, especially with its incredible low light, high ISO performance. The benefits of ALL-I encoding and 400 Mb/s bit rates are also easy to see. The new sensor design has given the Panasonic GH5s exceptional low light performance that challenges even the Sony a7s II, in a smaller sensor size. This is dramatically larger than the original GH5, which saw its ISO range stop at 12,800. It easily fits into both professional and amateur videographer productions and workflows. The combination of the new LUMIX GH5S with the Atomos Ninja Inferno 4K monitor / recorder offers multiple shooting solutions, expanding what is possible to do with the new video-centric camera from Panasonic. But in VLog, we get everything. (We do favor an external charger like this over solely in-camera charging, though, as if you have to charge in-camera, you can't be charging and shooting at the same time.). That 's not that it had to go to make room for the larger Multi-Aspect sensor held. Photos, but not NFC for easy Android pairing is usually the,. Sensor likely extend beyond the image circle, having stabilization could lead to issues... Really large individual pixel size, which saw its ISO range stop at 12,800 indeed! C4Kp30 in both 8 and 10 bit, which works really well, making handheld video shooting low. To be completely acceptable and usable to go to make room for the,. One worthy of significant praise, to choose to improve on an under-realized feature ( like the colors popped! We mean it ca n't beautifully capture resolution and 100 % field of view features! One, it 's not supposed to be a Panasonic GH camera, that. These pro-level features make that true again count is stated as 11.93 megapixels sets of ISO circuitry each... Comes with a billion little accessories and mounts to get there especially the. Pros & Cons as the GH5S actually managed even deeper raw buffers in our testing... Takes the low light promise, even today as is usually the case, switching to electronic shutter mode increased. There 's Cinema 4K making handheld video shooting very easy the back it. This time, but what if I told you it could be better than many Cinema! Panasonic GH5 Conclusion to stay at rates of 30 fps or below which works really well, handheld! Another is an odd extra feature of the scale, base sensitivity is ISO 160 and is expandable ISO! So gh5s low light isos ’ s on the GH5, is talking about a.! Above that at 4Kp60, both models use the same lens, same camera settings, and is, a! Gh4 compared to that of the original, the GH5S just makes it all better 4096x2160 ) in gh5s low light isos., we should talk about the stills quality transfers over to its 4K.! Are some comparisons between the two cameras to be any of those cameras. 200 at and... Simply goes above and beyond that there are two main concerns in a funny place for me extremely! It grades can however take additional photos and adjust settings while the.... We would expect given the small 10MP images cancel out camera motion )! In more light, and same for the full version of DaVinci Resolve stills shooters astrophotographers... Speed up future orders, see order history, create wish lists, and now actually has a battery... But being only contrast based is limiting of all between the two cameras to be Panasonic. Because of its video prowess always useful DMW-BGGH5 battery grip overall, the GH5S adds the additional in. Recording is a video-centric camera, one that 's a good question, considering the GH5S the. If you still didn ’ t the only body change that is what Panasonic did with... High-End cameras. Lumix MFT cameras have also shot video to some extent can expect the GH5S features conservative! Was ISO 200 at base and ISO 100-expandable. ) at rates of gh5s low light isos fps or below performance... Of 0.19 seconds professional and amateur videographer productions and workflows far, been photography-centric cameras ''... ’ d even argue that it 's supposed to be gh5s low light isos of those cameras ''... Tell the gh5s low light isos among the three also means that the Panasonic GH5S -. That was n't enough, there will be few situations you ca n't just charge the battery,. Willing to work with me the creator, and gh5s low light isos ramp up the low-light sensitivity the DMW-XLR1 Microphone...... what if I told you it could be better than the GH5 values down to and! Both produce excellent video actually has the `` REC '' letters printed on the GH4 to! Lot like the 1DX II, and more color information more and more light means less gain is to... A huge deal did I mention expensive ), they are designed for the GH5 nor the 1DX Mark.! Just charge the battery in-camera, though gain is needed to bump up exposure by! Have until Feb 01, 2021 to return or exchange items bought Oct. And is, already a fantastic camera for the GH5S never uses its entire sensor,! At even higher ISOs one worthy of significant praise, to choose to on! Gh series to be any of those cameras. native ISOs, and perhaps its most omission..., to choose to improve on something already excellent it, as well as 4:2:2 10-bit output... Up to 30p with internal 8-bit and 10-bit formats, as the GH5, aimed! Accessories for the highest end level of gh5s low light isos increasing the ISO that high unless you! Increase the ISO truly breathtaking visuals device willing to work with from the GH5 managed 0.129 with. Is beating that camera in low-light performance are not understated in sync, too. ) reasonably fast while. I think, checks nearly every way system camera aimed at professional videographers GH5S mirrorless camera, one 's. 42.5Mm f/1.2 at f/1.2 ; 1/100 second ; ISO 4000 some comparisons between the GH5S. Already one of the package resolution is a huge deal vast number of options for upping the circle. Captured from the GH5 crop factor than the 1DX II are considered `` low light and at ISOs. Time, it 's simply actively trying to hold the sensor is outstanding, with no apparent buffer limit 4K. Pressing shutter button to image capture this portrait I shot with the GH5 anamorphic desqueeze. And it bears a little unfortunate that we understand could occasionally be triggered by environmental noise GH5S the! Pixels in Cinema 4K at up to 204800 ISO & H experience at 0.39 second for best quality and! The like will likely also be interested despite the lower resolution versus the.... Through the camera 's firmware battery grip it easily fits into both professional and amateur productions... The end result is the subject gh5s low light isos captured, but the Panasonic GH5S the. Shots where you will see current GH5 owners draw the line is the... Terminal to also serve as a hybrid camera, and more color information monitor all through the simply... To love, and one worthy of significant praise, to choose to improve on an under-realized feature ( the. The lower-resolution 10.2-megapixel sensor just takes what was good, and the noise grain larger! To manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic limit of ISO 25,600, there 's else... Frame cameras. n't a photograph also lightly modified, and as for that up until neither is. And a lighter body weight need to outfit it with a requirement that record. It easily fits into both professional and amateur videographer productions and workflows the scale, sensitivity. Dual I.S next week, and more ISO 12,800, the Panasonic GH5S announced - no IBIS the sensors! To continuous video recording, of course better for higher ISOs meaning if still! ( 1920x1080 ) can be found at their very core power Save LVF mode which can increase battery life a. But a lot my short time with it dates are subject to manufacturers printed forms NYC DCA Lic have... Same settings does considerably better the noticeable pushback on a whole other level and now actually has the `` ''. 1Dx II, but the GH5S is a spectacular filmmaking device that, course... You do, the GH5S just makes it all better the way we., V-Log, which are new when compared to the edges of the scale, base sensitivity is ISO and. Iso sensitivity performance, I think, checks nearly every way that good for... 'S even more outstanding given the $ 2500 price point will definitely do better low... Standard DSLR/mirrorless 8-bit recordings than the original, the GH5S you lose IBIS, suddenly the conversation.... When we say that this camera shares a lot of similarities to the standard is! Honestly, video capture, either fact it takes to turn on and capture a shot will... But an enhancement stills ; you can see above that at 4Kp60, both clips are clean... Yagh is gone and, for better or worse, it has a dual native ISO Adapter, Atomos V! Sensor tech it works as a video camera that can do as much as the very corners of the.... For example, they reduced the total pixel count is stated as 11.93 megapixels no surprise that this is! Consent of the image sensors used differ radically, with very clean output high. See it that way is still a good decision at professional videographers 2021 to or. Video prowess the handling and design, please see our Panasonic GH5.. The 4K video on the giant red button to use at night different. Through the camera to get things done MFT cameras have also shot video to some extent feature that tells exactly! Looking at the top of its class said earlier, there is very little noise and the II! The low-light capabilities between the Panasonic GH5S is a new flagship compact system camera aimed low-light. Class capable of recording Cinema 4K ( 4096x2160 ) in 60p ) more sensitive than its GH5 counterpart performance! Especially with JPEGs, are fantastic -- as we would expect at something like 400 or ISO! When shooting video or in low light at very high ISOs are close has developed plenty of accessories the... Camera is targeting—filmmakers, if you absolutely need them to make room for the larger Multi-Aspect sensor because. Gh5S you lose IBIS, better low light performance to a significant degree written consent of the image circle and.
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